Maritime Department

The power of ITÜ meets the tradition of Ortaköy

Our school, which comes from the maritime school, continues to introduce new generations to distant seas as always. Our training ship is waiting for its crew for a journey that will start in Ortaköy and spread around the world.

The Formula That Enables Countries to Open to the World: Maritime

Turkey, surrounded by sea on three sides, is a very important country because of its geographical position in the maritime field. Our main motivation when establishing this department was to contribute to our country becoming a voice in maritime.

We have made it our mission to adapt to international standards, to increase competitiveness, to benefit more from our seas in parallel with the growing population, to lead the industry and to create a staff that can keep up with technological developments.

Thanks to this partnership, Ortaköy, the seafarer's home, continues to train seafarers as it has for 92 years.

The acquisition of knowledge, skills and competencies in professional development, basic maritime, safety at sea and swimming are just some of what we offer in this program.