Electrical-Electronics Department

The Road to the International Electronics Sector Passes Through ITU MTAL

In a hyper-active rapidly changing world, the field of electric-electronic technology offers us extraordinary opportunities and creates an unprecedented competitive environment. The fact that our country has a leading and determining role in this environment is due to the need for trained personnel in this sector. Setting out with this awareness, ITU is training the engineers of the future today.

With the academic staff of ITU and equipped laboratories

We prepare our students for the future to make discoveries at world standards. It offers the opportunity to learn by experimenting and observing in our laboratories equipped with the latest technology. Making a difference in both international and national technical education, ITU's academic staff lays the solid foundations of electricity and electronics.

Professional development, electrical and electronic measurement applications, electrical circuit calculations, gaining knowledge, skills and competencies about making technical and professional drawing are just some of what we offer in this program.