Our Aim

Vocational education miracle in high school

How far can we raise the bar in vocational high schools, to which many countries of the world owe their economic development? This is the very first question that we asked ourselfs while İTÜ Vacotional and Technical high school entered a fresh new era.

We have embroidered ITU's basic principles such as expertise, research, being a follower of technology, and visionary into ITU MTAL's DNA.

Our aim is to raise new İTÜ members starting from high school

University quality staff, curriculum and approach

We aimed to help our students develop high-level skills within the framework of science, technology and industry dynamics. We believed that the way to turn them into individuals who can produce creative solutions to local and global problems is pure knowledge.

With the aim of becoming one of the most important vocational high schools of our country, we set out to raise the best in the field.