IT Department

Generations That Will Codify the Digital Age Are Come Up at ITU MTAL

The professions of the present and the future take their roots from information technologies. In this sector, in the constantly changing market and competitive conditions. That's why it attracts the attention of the whole world as a strategic area.

. Those who are educated about Information Technologies, which are growing at an unbelievable speed, are coding the digital age.

Look at informatics with ITU's technological vision

In our age when data is transformed into the most important element, we live in innovations that we have seen in science fiction movies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

We believe that graduates of this field have an opportunity to build amazing future. We invite prospective students who have big dreams to decode the future with together.

Web design and programming, graphic and animation, object-based programming, mobile applications, open source operating system these are just a few of our offerings in the section.