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The Story of Our School 

Our school, whose history dates back to 17th century and we call it Ortaköy, has been a home for lots of well-educated people. Unfortunately, our building, which gained a brand new importance with the construction of the Çırağan Palace, was out of service for a while due to a fire in the palace.

In 1928 it rose again from its ashes and was named ‘Âli Deniz Ticaret Mektebi’. In 1982, our buildings and facilities were handed over to the Ministry of National Education to train mid-level seamen. With the name of Maritime Vocational High School; "Deck" and "Ship Machinery" departments also became operational and started to accept free boarding students.      

In 2015, it changed into Ziya Kalkavan Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School. ITU Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School was established in 2019 with a protocol signed between MEB and ITU. Istanbul Technical University reinterpreted its own academicians and experience within the framework of high school education in order to train qualified personnel for the sector.

Nowadays, ITU MTAL meets with students who are looking forward to the future with its opportunities and innovative excitement.